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Drove up to LA for the release of the new Rebel 8 and Famous Stars and Straps collaborations. Ive been friends with Mike G for about 10 years and he is a constant source of inspiration and motivation. Im excited to be getting a new tattoo from him next month while IM in SF for my show at The Shooting Gallery.

I want to take a moment to tell everyone to SUPPORT LOCAL & PRIVATE OWNED BUSINESS!!!!!! If we want to put a fix on our economy make sure you start locally and buy from stores whose owners are a part of your community. That way the money you spend will stay in your community and circulate. FUCK A CORPORATION!!!!

Mike Giant and Joshy D Rebel 8’ers
Mikey G and Joshy D

Working on his the mural in “The Fast Life Store”
Mike Giant

The Line out front got crazy but Miss Mega saved us from the wait. Photo from the Rebel 8 blog
The Line out front got crazy