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Mr Scott Saw got me a 5 day pass for the convention! Thanks Homie! This is Scott and the wonderful Miss Pamela Jaeger at Scott’s booth.

scott saw and pam Jaeger

Met Mr. Maxx One, Mr. Chris Ryniak, and Mr Jeff Soto

Max Oner Chris Ryniak Jeff Soto

They all did some sketches in my book

Chris Ryniak

Jeff Soto

maxx one

Chris released these, you can probably pick them up where you pick other things like this up at.

Chris Ryniak Figures

Like this Ron English joint

Ron English figure

Ron also drew in my book and had a battle with Frank Kozik. Frank drew his first Ron saw it and made a diss piece, Frank saw it and dissed Ron on his own drawing (Frank in red). It made Frank laugh and I think that is hard to do as he seems sort of like a hard ass.

Frank kozik

Frank Kozik

ron english signing

Ron English

More Ron English

Super Size

Saw the Tron bike, it was me and two security guards in this room, I thought about charging the bike.


This is where I went to get fresh air, away from all the crazy

The bay

this guy was there

weed shop

Super Pimps raising their pimp hand on super bitches all day.

super pimps

More Sketches in the book:

David Choe

David Choe

Bwana Spoons

Bwana Spoons

Awesome Bostons!

awesome bostons

The Nerd Pervs Set


nerd perv

nerd pervs

nerd perv

nerd perv

Vice Vadar

vader vice

Some SD Street Art on the way out.

james brown

Love Mike