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Things Ive done and seen this past weekish:

Before I got set up in the studio I had to finish a snowboard illustration for Coors. I was commissioned by The Interger group to create a painting and design for their annual winter banquet.
Working with Red

Coors Snowboard design


Awesome truck design

Met up with this guy to talk about tattoo I am getting next week.
Getting down for the 300 club

Mr. C.
Notorious B.I.G.

Pete Godd aka Pete Dogg aka Red Washburne Esq. aka El Chupacabrito provides me with many moments of joy.
Pete Dogg

Sleeping on his bone

Slow roller

Mr Pete Godd

Judge Mayfield says “FTW”

Saw this at  you're mamas house.

Got some visitors to “The Cave” this week, My sister and cousin also made it down but didnt get a snap of them!
The Old Studio mates Dan Allen and Brian Dombrowski
brian and dan came to visit "The Cave"
The Family Dolphin
The Dolphins came to see "The Cave"

and Mr. Roberts
Mr Roberts

Found another dog running down the middle of busy road. Put a leash on him and walked him home, his owner was an ass and I think I did the dog a disservice bringing him back home.
He was super sweet!
Found another dog

This is what happens when drunk assholes take my turn at 80mph instead of 30mph, this car was struck by the drunk drivers, it was parked in the front.
80mph around a 30mph turn

Been working on this fellow

dickens progress

dickens progress

Working on my new block

This is what the backyard to my studio looks like!

The Backyard at my new studio

The Backyard at my new studio

Back yarder

My pet seals also chill in the back yard, I heard one got snatched by a shark yesterday! Yikes!

seals chill in my block!

On the trail. love is creative

love is creative

“Wearing all black like the homie”

Washburne Esq. and I

Some La Jolla street art, love this shit!
La Jolla Street Art

Cave Curio

On the regular