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I love my neighborhood. On the way to the LIbrary this morning I noticed some fresh graffiti. A quick glance over and I notice it reads “Welcome to Radiation Nation” and it got me thinking why would someone write that there.
Sometime last week a flag pole was put in at the local store. It seemed kinda odd but hey its America and Americans LOVE their flag. So I didn’t think much of it except for the fact that something didn’t seem right. My gut instinct told me something was off but I couldn’t place it. A second glance at the flagpole and one realizes that this pole has a much wider circumference than would be needed for such a small flag. Thought that was strange but again didn’t think much of it.

Back to this morning I find this graffiti and it clicks! The GODDAMN FLAG IS A GODAMN RADIATION PRODUCING CELL PHONE TOWER!!!!!

I love my neighborhood

So I climbed the wall thats sits behind the flag and I find this.

Hidden behind the wall

Its infuriating that these things are being placed in our neighborhoods without our knowledge and are being concealed so that you stay in the dark.