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Space Invader has been putting in some work in San Diego
Space Invader in San Diego

T^M has been putting in work too

My Lunches are often made with love
Lunch is made with love

I often enjoy them here
Where I enjoy my lunch

Human’s aren’t all bad…..Fuck British Petroleum and every other oil company for that matter.
Helping a brotha out at Ellen Scripps Park

The owner of the sushi place next door to my studio came over and said in his very broken english ” Mike, here is some time killer bullets” and I knew exactly what he meant, “Mike, here is some edamame to help kill time while you wait for that paint to dry” ha!
"Time Killer Bullet"

Been waiting on this guy to show his face.
Waiting on this

T^M Monitor La Jolla,Ca
T^M ally way computer

Quentin Jammer has been looking strange these days
Quentin Jammer


Doing Work Down on The Farm Proper
Doing work at The Farm Proper

“The Heir Apparent”
Working on this Washington Portrait