One of the coolest parts about doing murals or community projects in general is getting to meet all the people who pass by and talk to them about what Im doing and typically what they are up to as well. It makes for an easy connection with strangers from all walks of life. Just making these connections is a reward in and of its self.

One such meeting occurred while I was working on The Hive Wall. While spray painting this huge wall I look out of the corner of my eye and see a San Diego Police Officer eyeing me out.
Looking sort of gruff in his posture I thought to myself, “Here we go”.

The officer begins to approach me from across the parking lot. Preparing to get my balls broke I lower the lift just a little bit so he can here me say I have permission to paint this wall. However as he gets closer I notice this large smile on his face. A relieving site and one Im not used to from someone in his profession.

The officer says “Hey where is your mask?” Haaa!!
He continues, “ahh man I love what your doing up there. You’re using all spray paint? Thats amazing! I do murals too! Hey check this out” he takes his cell phone out and pulls up a picture of a large pastel portrait he made. It was good too!

Who would have thought?

The Fuzz and I