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So I got a late night text from Mr Adam Hathorn saying “Hey I just met Barry McGee downtown” I knew he was coming down to do some stuff on the street in conjunction with MCASD. So I cruised down there in the morning to get some photos. The first thing I came across was another Space Invader that I hadnt seen yet.

space invader

I set up my tripod and took a couple photos when I notice two men walking towards me. Both men dressed nicely with city worker badges around there necks. They ask “What are you doing?” I replied, in a dominant tone, “just taking some photos”. They continue, “what is that?” I respond in an equally dumbass tone “It’s a bunch tiles put together”. The city official resumes his questions “Is it a skull and crossbones? How Did it get up there?” By this time the line of questioning has gotten tired and my answers became more and more gruff “Its a Space Invader, you know like the 80’s game. I know how he got it up there but thats up to you to figure it out. Im not telling you.” At this point they realize this is not working and left me alone. I continue on with my photo taking.

Nice Twister and Resq
twister & resq

cbt crew




resq and friends


I get around the corner and boom! This huge 2 story black and silver Josh devouring the facade of this building. It was great!

I cross the street to get more photos when one of the men from before approaches me again and starts asking me a bunch of questions. Most of which humor me.

After this conversation 5 cop cars pull up and head directly towards me and the two people in the video. One officer eyes me out and asks me “what Im up to?” I let her know that I am simply minding my own business and taking some photos of the work. She asks ” Are you a part of this crew?” “Do you have something to do with this?” again I say “just a citizen taking photos” she steps closer and asks “why do you have paint on your shorts?” Ahhh shit!, of course I’m in my work shorts that have splatters of paint all over them. My non work clothes have paint on them too so don’t be fooled. “Well I’m a painter” she responded with that typical cop shrug implying “yeah sure buddy heard it a million times before”

I’m thinking and hoping the camera is running for this conversation but it was not. But I did get some footage of the Pow Wow right before my 2nd non filmed interrogation.

The officer comes over to me one more time after they have their meeting and says “can I see your I.D.?” I ask “is it within my rights to decline your request?” She says “Yes” “Then I decline to show you my ID.” She asks ” Are you wanted, do you have any warrants?” I laugh “No I have a clean record” (which is the truth.)

She turns with a grunt and mumbles “OK I can play that game too” at this point I get a little cocky because I know I got the upper hand. I speak a little louder, “I’m not playing a game I’m just exercising my rights, like an AMERICAN!”