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Amaze gets heckled my a drunk local. They were really getting the worst attitudes from both sides of the spectrum. Everyone in the middle were positive.

Stop Snitchin'


More photos of words less computer words

At the start

Summer Fun

2nd Day of Summer

Amaze was getting heckled

Stefan ResQ

Stefan ResQ

Hazmat Team

Shirtless Indian Dude with Mexican Wrestler Mask. San Diego Famous.
Shirtless Indian Dude

Invader on the way home
invader The Art Center

Third day of summer fun

Stefan Resq



Roll Call

Roll Call

Roll Call


As I was leaving the Museum staff was preparing 15 gallons of buff paint to paint over the roll call. Everyone there from the museum had on their best sour puss faces. I suggested to leave some of it, in little circles or something. Not sure if they did.

Love Mike