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Sorry I haven’t been putting out any new podcasts the last couple weeks. My computer needs some computer medicine to make it better. So unfortunately I haven’t been able to record anything. As soon as I get the computer running smoothly again the show will be back on. If you would like to help you can always donate to the show via PAYPAL.

In other news I spent my 4th of July weekend in Las Vegas to see the Joe Rogan show at Mandalay Bay. He performed with Joey Coco Diaz, Ari Shaffir, and Doug Benson.
I made a solo trip out there, since I had a airline voucher that was getting ready to expire, it was a spur of the moment type trip.


I flew out of San Diego to LAX on one of the small commuter jets. It was my first time walking out onto the tarmac, which I thought was pretty gangster, and my first time flying on one of those small jets. On the flight from SD to LA I did this drawing:

Turns out, it looked exactly like the man who sat next to me on the flight from LAX to Las Vegas. Whom had flown from New York that day, and must have been tired because he took his shoes off, leaned his head forward, crashed the fuck out, and got his snore on. I coughed a couple times so he would wake up. I showed him the drawing too.


I drew this on the flight from LA to LV

I arrived in Las Vegas, checked in at Treasure Island, or T.I. if you want to be a little more mature about it. Ha! Then headed over to Mandalay Bay where I met up with Joey Diaz who came through clutch, like a Pink Floyd song on the radio, with a Blunt of Life for me to burn before the comedy show. So I found a creeper spot by the parking structure and roached that thing until it burnt my fingertips to bad to burn it any more.

The show was hilarious and it was cool scene after the show was done. Joe stuck around to shake hands and take picture with whoever wanted to meet him. He was out there for at least 2 hours. I ended up meeting Redban and his girl Veronica Ricci for the first time in the non digital format. Redban has been a guest on the Live Free Podcast and is of course the co host on The Joe Rogan Experience. Redban asks me if I had a ticket to UFC 132 yet, which was also happening the same weekend. I didn’t have a ticket yet but had been planning on getting something from a scalper. Redban ends up telling me to hold off he might have a ticket for me. Then I saw Ari Shaffir and he tells me the same thing. All of a sudden it looks like the chances are pretty good I will be seeing my first UFC in person and possibly for FREE! Needless to say I was pretty excited.

The following day I meet up with Ari and sure enough he hands me a ticket, as I look at it and thank him profusely I notice it says FLR on the stub of the ticket, I read further and holy shit it says floor tickets! Walking into the UFC arena for the first time and I’m getting closer and closer to the ring. I find my seat and realize this is going to be my view for the next 5 hours. What a treat!

The fights were outstanding. One of the most exciting cards I have watched in awhile in terms of fights being finished. An amazing amount of KO’s
and submissions. I feel so lucky to have had such a great experience at my first UFC show. I hope there are many more to come, but it will be difficult to top this.
Here is a VIDEO REDBAN made during the event.

I spent most of the time hanging out with these dudes

After UFC, I jammed back the hotel, got cleaned up then headed over to Treasures, a fine dining Steak House, Entertainment Room, and Strip Club. My friends Sam Tripoli, Jayson Teeb, and Ari Shaffir were performing their Naughty Show in the entertainment room. I managed to catch the end of the show, then went out for food with Sam, Jayson, Ari, Nicole, Gabe, and The dude in the suit. Which was of course, hilarious. If you have the opportunity to hang out and eat dinner with a group of professional comedians, I suggest you do so. One very important rule of thumb I learned, however, is that you never leave your cell phone unattended around the Death Squad crew, because you will be Black Cock Bombed for sure.

The next morning I was picked up at my hotel by the amazing artist Mr JW Caldwell who not only gave me a ride to the airport but gifted me this awesome painting of Mr Pete Dog.


It was an amazing trip I won’t soon forget.

A huge thanks to Joey Coco Diaz, Joe Rogan 1,000 times for the UFC Ticket, Ari Shaffir, The Teeb, Sam Tripoli, and Gabe for coming through clutch with the pre dinner joint.