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Ari Shaffir Freddy Lockhart Tony Hinchclife and I get super chonged. We do a dab session, aka The Wax, aka The Budda, at The Comedy Store La Jolla condo pre podcast. I turned the Tascam on and started recording early. There was some funny stuff so I made a mini episode out of it. The annoying noise you’ll hear occasionally is the sound of the torch heating up the titanium nail. I suggest you get high with us to prepare yourself to listen in on Episode #70.

I sit down with Ari Shaffir, Freddy Lockhart, and Tony Hinchcliffe at the Comedy Store La Jolla Condo. We talk Tonys Facial Hair, Freddys Portrait, The Cleveland Show, Biggie, Aris Beautiful Eyes, Staph, Marley Spliff, Commitment, Jew Curls, Bumble and Bumble, Comedian Hairlines, Aging Presidents, Occupy Wall Street, NWO, Representational Democracy, Walking the Talk, Bitch Ass Russians, Soccer Mom Blogs, and Marijuana


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