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I was once again summoned to join the mighty En Masse click for a trip to Art Basel Miami, one of the biggest art fairs in the world. I’ve shown my work in some of the fairs out here in the past, but have never made the trip. When I was invited I knew I had to go, but I also knew that funds were super low due to a recent move. So I asked my internet friends for some help, and the response was unbelievable! I was lucky enough to raise $1300, which paid for airfare and all of my day to day needs for the trip. You can check out the Blog Post for more on that.

I flew into Ft. Lauderdale and had to catch a ride down to Miami. I met a couple out front who were also headed to art basel and we split the private car ride down, and it was not cheap. When the driver dropped me off at The Fountain Art Fair he said “you might not want to walk around here with your luggage, it’s dangerous.” Turned out this was the neighborhood I would be spending the next 5 days in, and I loved every minute of it.

So right away I get into the Fountain Art fair and start painting on the smaller wall with Jason Botkin Fred Caron Ruppert Bottenberg Beeforeo and Chris Dyer

Fab 5 Freddy on the ones and twos

Jersey Joe was working on a wall right outside the fountain fair. This charcter reminded me of my puppy Petey.

Some Fountain Art Fair shots

This dudes name was Samson and it fit him well.

Miss Lindsay Carron

We smoked weed out of one of the Original Cunt Sin apples and boy was it good!

Ninja Sonic

Ian Ross


Batman logo made of real dead bats

This Box was amazing! You stuck your hand in one of the holes and received a prize for doing so. My treat was a punk rock like patch with a screen print of the UC Davis Pepper spray guy and a transparency with Ernest Borgnine. I wanted to get a picture of the box for the blog and had to take it on sort of an angle to get the whole thing. I snapped off one shot and out of nowhere the huge structure smoothly rotates itself to face me so I can take a straight on picture with it. Blew my mind. It was only there for the night. Pre mentioned Samson who had the booth next to it said a group of 9 people in white jump suits scurried in, dissassembled it and were out of there in a hurry. Super awesome project whatever it is.

Part 2 with En Masse Safe Walls and Primary Flight