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This is the big wall En Masse painted on 24th and Ne Miami set up by Primary Flight and Safewalls. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this wall from the start. We didn’t know it at the time but apparently this wall was the last spot a local graffiti writer YNOT had painted on before his untimely passing. Without any prior knowledge of this we buffed it white in preparations for the mural. This obviously did not go over well with his crew and people from the neighborhood and they let us know it quick fashion. For a second I thought we might be in a little danger but we forged ahead and fortunatly we made peace with the crew and neighborhood and everything went lovely from there. Here are some shots of the progress:

“Creative Meetings” took place on the 3rd floor penthouse

The girl from the smoothie place. Our hand tattoos reminded me of this SNL skit

Stripper decided to get loose on the scaffolding until she started shaking the shit out of it. Freddy Fred screamed at her in French which scared the shit out of her and her lurker friend. They left.

Thanks for the fun week Canadians and Miami cant wait to see you again next year!

Dedicated to Jonathan Corso

Resume in Paradise YNOT