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I also did another printing of the Joe Rogan Atlanta and Chicago Posters and the Ari Shaffir Comedy Store poster. If you like all 3 get the #DeathSquad Combo Pack

Joe Rogan asked me to design another poster for his upcoming show in Atlanta,Ga on 4/20. He will be recording the live shows for his forthcoming special that will be released online, similar to what Louie CK and Joey Diaz did recently.

We are making the posters available online NOW for pre order. Note that all posters will ship after the 4/20 event. If you would like to get one just click on the appropriate paypal link. They’re 18″x12″ and are $10 each plus shipping. I still have a few Chicago posters and a couple Ari Shaffir Comedy Store posters that I will make available as a combo if you are interested in those too.