Available Works:

The Burnout Tryptic
8.5″x11″ Spray Paint on Paper framed each frame is 12.5″x15″

Burnout Halo
Spray Paint and Acrylic on Paper 8.5″x11″

“Arab Spring”
8.5″x11″ Spray Paint Acrylic and Gouache on Paper

“The Great Historical Bum, A Portrait of Woody Guthrie”
6″x8″ Gouache on Wood Panel

"The Higgs Boson"
“The Higgs Boson”
Acrylic Gouache and Spray Paint on Canvas

A Portrait of john Steinbeck
“A Portrait of john Steinbeck”
11″x8.5″ Gouache on paper

The Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness
The Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness" side
“The Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness”
7″x12″ Acrylic and spray paint on wood.

The Occultist pt1
The Occultist pt 2
“The Occultist”
4″x4″x4″ Acrylic on Wooden Cube

I've Always Been
“I’ve Always Been”
36″x23″ Spray Paint Acrylic and Gouache on wood.

Parallel Universe
8.5″x11″ Spray Paint Acrylic and Gouache on paper

“Just Us”
8.5″x11″ Gouache on Paper

11″x17″ Acrylic on wood panel