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Alright 2012 this bitch is almost over so lets go back and see what kind of fun was had over the past 365 days!

Early January I got the chance to do some traveling with Joe Rogan after creating a show poster for his show at The Chicago Theatre with Joey Coco Diaz and Duncan Trussell

Chicago was a really cool city that I would love to go back and see again!

Fogo de Chao with the crew.

Little Esther signing them titties.

UFC on FOX Chicago Had amazing Seats!

Paintings got a little psychedelic this year

Did a lot of logos this year including this one for The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast Logo

In March Rogan asked me to do another show poster for him. This time for his 4/20 show in Atlanta where he recorded his newest special which just came out a couple weeks ago. You can get it for $5 on his website joerogan.net Here are the pre digital drawings used to make the poster.

Joe Rogan Atlanta Show Poster Drawings

Joe Rogan Joey Diaz Duncan Trussell Atlanta 4/20 show.

Numbers in Atl


This was one of my favorite paintings of the year.

Shaman Skull

Made this pre Tupac Hologram of 2012

Tupac Amaru Shakur

Went to NYC for the first time







Trained like crazy this year. I’ve had my blue belt in Jiu Jitsu for 1 year now. Pretty crazy when I look back at it all.

Good Sunday Sesh w/ these dudes

Team Nogueira San Diego Morning Class

Big Nog, Professor Adriano, and I

Lots of Evil Eyes

Evil Eye

Was on the Ice House Chronicles a few times

Ice House Chronicles

Old Man in a Boat

Comic Con 2012

Comicon 2012 Booth #4632 Crew

Redban and I looking haggard

Skinner and I


Ari and I slinging shirts outside American Comedy Co

Ari Shaffir and I were slinging shirts out front.

Logo I made for Sam Tripoli

Sam Tripoli's Naughty Show image I designed

New Foot Tattoo by Aaron Della Vedova

<img src="Foo dogs by Aaron Della Vedova” alt=”” />

Painted the Shoyoroll warehouse with this dude KMNDZ


Day 2 @shoyoroll #Helio #KMNDZ #JiuJitsu @shoyorollbrand

#Respect #Carlos day 3 work at the @shoyoroll warehouse

Made the Logo for Joey CoCo Diaz’s new podcast “The Church of What’s Happening Now”

The Church of Whats Happening Now

I officiated my sister’s wedding and got this awesome photobomb shot.

My best photo bomb to date. I was the officiant at my sisters wedding.

Curated a group show in Portland with guests from my podcast

See ya soon Portland!

Burnin this one in honor of the TSA agent who doesn't fuck with another man's weed. #Respect

With Ryan jacob Smith on Portland

@ryanjacobsmith and I at the #LiveFree show last night. @helliongallery

At AJ Fosik’s studio in Portland after recording a podcast

Just finished chatting with @ajfosik for an upcoming @livefreepodcast

Mark Dean Veca and I

@markdeanveca and I in Portland for the @helliongallery Live Free show.
Received a few black eyes this year

Diving for the underhook from half guard can have both its risks and its rewards.

This happened and nothing has changed

Total Bullshit. #Crapoganda

Working Class Doc was finally released.

With #MikeGiant .... Still from Working Class Doc

The Working Class Doc is out. Get the DVD or digital download at workingclassfilm.com

Made some shirts for Rogans Higherprimate.com

I have 3 designs featuring my artwork at@joeroganexperience 's Higher-Primate.com #DigIt "Dept. Of Health and Welfare"

Chicago Theatre #HigherPrimate

Powerful @alanbelcherufc rocking the #HigherPrimate tee I designed for @joeroganexperience

Got on the Instagrammer

Seems like I should have a lot more by now but #420 Brah anyhow.

Crystal Joe and I downtown San Diego Balboa Theatre.

Thanks for the awesome show tonight @joeroganexperience

My knuckle tattoos were in a magazine featuring Ben Grillo

My #LiveFree knuckles are in Tattoo Life Magazine's feature on the amazing @bengrillo

Painted this inside a San Diego Marketing Firm


With Redban and Doug Benson at The American Comedy Co

@redban @dougbenson and I at American Comedy club SD

Art Basel Miami 2012 had tons of Red Pants on display

Red pants a plenty.

@fredifredfred and @robotkin getting digital at @fountainartfair

One of my favorites from #Basel

Survival Stache

Sunday Breakfast with the @enmasse @robotkin @fredifredfred @omen514

In the #enmasse boat at @fountainartfair photo by @tatdiver

Too lazy for a Posse, but not too lazy to cap one.

Paparazzi shot from Miami




We avoided the Mayan Apocalypse

Prediction from 2007

Freddy Lockhart at the Store in La Jolla

Boy B stance with @freddylockhart and Pete Dog @comedystorelj

Christmas with the Fams


and the final painting of the year!

"Grandmaster Helio Gracie" 8"x8" Acrylic on Wood Panel

Thank you to everyone who has supported me this year by either buying a painitng, or a print, or just sending me a nice social media message. I appreciate the hell out of all of you. Here’s to an amazing 2013. Enjoy it!