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“A Smith & Wesson Beats Four Aces.” At FreshForm we have taken this quote to heart and made it our mantra. We hired San Diego artist Mike Maxwell to depict the statement in the form of a bigger than life mural inside our office.
The quote comes from “Canada Bill” Jones and was recently cited in Velocity, a book we highly recommend. The old card shark knew long ago that although the deck may appear to be in your favor, there’s no such thing as a guaranteed victory. At a time that is most unsuspecting, a gun, or a piece of technology, can come in and change everything. Evolve immediately. Entitlement kills.
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Mike Maxwell: mikemaxwellart.com
Velocity: amazon.com/Velocity-Seven-Laws-World-Digital/dp/0091947561
“An Animated Description of Mr. Maps”
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