9 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. I’m a big fan of your artwork. Really disappointing to read on your blog that you support beating people for legally expressing their opinions in protest.

    Ironic and somewhat discouraging that an artist would support violence against people expressing themselves.

    The man in the piece is apparently protesting the government bailing out credit card debt…a reasonable protest whether one agrees or disagrees. Whatever his cause, if you want the freedom to express yourself through art, others should have the right to express themselves through words without being physically attacked before their wife and child.

    Wouldn’t you be opposed to someone attacking you, your wife or your dog in San Diego because of your artistic or political expressions?

    • Thanks Ernesto,
      I don’t believe for a minute that this man got punched in his face for expressing his opinion. He got punched in the face for being rude and for putting his hands on that man first. If you watch the video again you’ll notice the man protesting actually throws the first punch. The point of the post was to note that sometimes its humbling to take an ass whoopin . We often speak to each other in foul tones and sometimes, not always, its good for those foul mouths to get a little foulness back at them. Then they learn from that and hopefully become less foul.

      For the record my political and artistic expression often gets challenged, and Im sure some of those challengers would love to attack me, but they always know better.

      The reality is that I try to promote peace and positivity as much as possible, I just happen to think that positivity can sometimes be found in an ass whoppin’.

    • For the record I support public protest.

  2. Hello Mike Maxwell,

    My name is Sean, and I’m from Canada. I recently bought one of your pieces “the Hooligans” when I was visiting Palm Springs a couple of months ago. Let me tell you, it was a hard decision on which piece I wanted because I enjoy them all . . .plus it was my first major art purchase!!

    Anyways, I’m loving the new El Tigre prints you’ve done up. Can I order one from Canada? Would you ever consider showing your stuff here?

    Do you do commission work at all?

    Ok, I think that’s all of my questions for now!



  3. Kisses50538 said:

    i love this blog.. has all the things im interreted in:)
    kisses50538 from SDCA

  4. Yo! You Rock the flippin’ free art world!!! Live Up! One Love, bless.

  5. Why so many missing podcasts? Are those interviews with people you’re no longer friendly with, or have the subjects become too taboo/obscure? Techinical issues? I just scanned over all of them and couldn’t help but ask.

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