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Hello there,
We wanted to share our latest release, “Waiter #13” from artist Brett Amory. It’s based off his ever-evolving “Waiting” series and painting of the same name. Available online HERE.

Brett Was on Episode 25 of The Live Free Podcast
About Brett Amory:
Brett’s work explores how much time we spend waiting and how we are always in another place, thinking about somewhere, sometime, or someone else. We take these “in-between” or waiting moments for granted and constantly distract ourselves from being in the present with thoughts of the past, future or via distractions such as smart phones. He’s been all over the map lately with solo shows in LA (Thinkspace), NYC (Jonathan LeVine), London (Lazarides’ The Outsiders), and San Jose (Anno Domini). He’s also part of an upcoming group show on Thursday in San Francisco with the Sandra Lee Gallery, so get out to that if you’re in the Bay area. See more of Brett’s work at BrettAmory.com


Live Free Podcast:
On another note, our pal Mike Maxwell has been podcasting his arse off and has recorded 71 artist interview episodes over the past year with guests Brett Amory, Mike Giant, Alex Pardee, and obviously many more. We’re happy to be sponsoring Mike’s Live Free Podcast in which he has hour-or-so long exchanges with visual artists, musicians, comedians, writers and more while interjecting his own fascinations and morphing belief systems. The LFP forum isn’t as much an interview as an informal conversation between creators. It’s candid, raw and uncensored–perfect. For our readers, wearers and listeners, please enjoy a 30% discount this week. Just enter INDVSLxLiveFree upon checkout.

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